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Experience includes energy clearing, skin analysis, recommendations for nutritional skin support, complimentary glass of Skinade, customized cleansing & energizing intro facial therapy, program recommendations.

Your skin, overall look and energy is the first thing people see and feel. Every aspect of the skin and your energy is a reflection of the body’s overall well-being. For successful long-term results in maintaining wellness, a holistic approach is essential. Besides facials and spa therapies, lifestyle, a proper skin care regimen, a balanced nutritious diet, sleep, stress management and physical activity, all contribute to promoting healthy skin. The perfect synergy of maintaining youthful and clear skin is a matter of treating the skin from the outside in and from the inside out. Let’s chat. 

Do you desire cleaner, uplifted and energized look? 
Consult with Hana and let her empower you with new tools and techniques for success! 

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